This will sort the results by the specified text key value.

By default, empty values will be listed first, then the rest using ascending order.

Previews will not show sorted data

For performance reasons, sorting macros are not executed in Preview mode. This means the macro content could be different when the page is published.




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Default Value


[default] /key

  • (/)

  • NO

The key chain value to sort by.


  • (X)

  • NO


May be ascending or descending.


  • (X)

  • NO


The mode of text sort to use. May be one of:

  • natural - (default) Sorts in natural language order. It will order by symbols, then digits, then letters.

  • locale - Sorts in locale-sensitive alphanumeric order. e.g.: "5", "10" and "1" will be sorted as "1", "10" and "5", because the first character of "10" is "1", which comes before "5". Punctuation order may vary depending on your locale. (Formerly called "exact")

  • bitwise - Sorts in the order of the bit value of each character. This will mean that all upper-case characters are considered to be before any lower-case characters, as well as putting most international characters at the end of the sort order.


  • (X)

  • NO


(Since 2.0.0) The locale to use when sorting text in either "natural" or "locale" mode. May be one of the following:

  • @user - (default) The current user's selected locale. Uses @global if no specific locale is selected by the user.

  • @global - The global default locale for Confluence.

  • @server - The server's default locale (may be different to @global)

  • xx_yy - A standard local value, such as "en_AU" or "de".

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