Let's show what pages have been recently updated in the Confluence instance and display them in an unordered list.



Reporting for Confluence Server


Content Reporter, Date Sort, Report Body, Report Info, Report List


Content Supplier


  1. Create a Report List macro.
    Set the Bullet Style parameter to "disc".
    Set the Maximum Results parameter to "5".

  2. Within the Report List macro, create a Content Reporter macro.
    Set the Spaces parameter to "@all".
    Set the Type parameter to "pages".
    Set the Time Period parameter to "30d".

  3. Within the Content Reporter macro, create a Date Sort macro.
    Set the Key to "content:modification date" and the Order to "descending".

  4. Now, beneath the Content Reporter macro and still, within the Report List macro, create a Report Body macro.

  5. Within the Report Body macro, create three Report Info macros.
    For the first Report Info macro, set the Key to "content:title".
    For the second Report Info macro, set the Key to "content:modifier".
    For the third Report Info macro, set the Key to "content:modification date".
    You may also check Link to Item for each macro so that the results render as hyperlinks.

  6. You'll also want to add some text to give context to the three Report Info macros.
    Something like this:

  7. You should now have a series of macros that look like this:

  8. Now click Save and check out the results.


Play around with the Bullet Style parameter in the Report List macro to change bullet styles or even to change from an unordered list to an ordered list.