When viewing a report page, the warning "Report suspended - Too many results to process" appears on the page:


Reporting 6.14.4 and above

Diagnostics Steps

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Starting in Reporting 6.14.4, a new feature to limit the Reporting result size was implemented to minimize performance-related issues.

By default, limits are disabled. Your administrator may have set a size limit for Reporting results. For example, it may be limited to 200 results.


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To resolve this issue: you can either:

  • Ask your Confluence administrator to raise the maximum number of Reporting results, or disable the limits. This can be done via Reporting's configuration settings, which is covered in this page.

  • Modify the report parameters or use report filters to reduce the number of results.

If you have a BobSwift cache macro on the report page, please perform a full refresh as shown in this documentation.