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Developers' Guide to Upgrading to the New Reporting Supplier and Reporter

The following documentation is provided as is and is out of scope for technical support.

Starting from Reporting version 6.0.0, RandomBits Plugins have been consolidated into a new compile-time library for Reporting and other ServiceRocket add-ons.

Upcoming changes

As of Reporting version 6.6.0, support for supplier-core and support-core plugins will be removed from Reporting, which means support for a legacy custom supplier, custom reporter, and custom query will be removed.

Due to this major change, developers who previously developed custom suppliers for use with Reporting will need to make some changes.

This tutorial will guide you on how to update your Custom Supplier and register it into the Reporting add-on by ServiceRocket.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Add the ServiceRocket Utility Library as a Dependency and Remove RandomBits Dependencies

  1. You need to add the ServiceRocket Utility Library add-on as a dependency into your add-on's pom.xml, which will be available on OSS Sonatype:

  2. If you're upgrading from Reporting 5.x.x to 6.0.0, you need to remove all the following RandomBits dependencies and Maven imports from your add-ons pom.xml:
    1. support-core
    2. support-confluence
    3. org.randombits.supplier: supplier-core
    4. org.randombits.supplier: supplier-confluence
    5. storage
    6. storage-servlet
    7. storage-confluence
    8. storage-parameters
    9. org.randombits.filtering: filtering-core
    10. org.randombits.filtering: filtering-confluence

Step 2: Fix all the compilation errors

Fix all the compilation errors caused by imports of org.randombits.XXX to com.servicerocket.confluence.randombits.XXX in Java class and atlassian-plugin.xml.

Step 3: Register the Custom Supplier

You need to change the tag from supplier to reporting-supplier in your atlassian-plugin.xml.



<supplier key="customSupplier" name="Custom Supplier" class="com.servicerocket.confluence.plugin.MyCustomSupplier"/>


<reporting-supplier key="customSupplier" name="Custom Supplier" class="com.servicerocket.confluence.plugin.MyCustomSupplier"/>

Backward Compatibility

Backward compatibility is removed as of Reporting 6.6.0.

Custom Reporter

Note that If you have implemented a Custom Reporter in your add-on, you will have to update your add-on to depend on Reporting 6.0.0. The old implementation of the Custom Reporter will not work with Reporting 6.0.0.

For further inquiries, contact our Support.

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