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Using Explore view and Raw view

The Reporter window includes two tabs that will display Explore and Raw views which can be helpful for building better searches and understanding the API responses.

These views can also be used for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes.


Explore and Raw views will produce results as soon as you enter a valid CQL query in the Query box. This means they will work even if you do not add any report blocks.

Explore view

This tab displays the available fields based on the CQL query. 

The field details are shown in four sortable columns - Name, Type, Expansion, and Sample.

The Expansion column displays related expansions (if available) while the Sample column shows an example of data from one of the matching queries.

You can use the Find option to search for a specific field or filter a group of fields.

Raw view

This tab displays the actual JSON response from the API. 

You can use it to view the changes in the response as you change the CQL query or the expansions.

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