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Support for the Page Properties macro

Reporting can easily generate reports from pages which contain Atlassian's Page Properties macros. These macros are widely used to show summary information from one page on another page. 

You can display information in your reports similar to what is shown by Atlassian's Page Properties Report macros. By using Reporting, you can combine page properties and other types of content (such as metadata, Scaffolding data, etc) in the same report. 

A way to "embed" macros

In Confluence Server, it is possible to embed a macro within another. For example, you can embed a Page Properties Report macro within a Reporting macro.

Confluence Cloud currently does not support embedding macros, which is one of the reasons why this new feature was implemented.


(warning) Page properties Macro support is a beta feature, and your administrator must first enable it in the app's configuration.

Adding a Page Properties block

Follow these steps to add a Page Properties block to your report:

  1. Mark the sections of pages you are interested in with the Page Properties macro. You can refer to Atlassian's page for details on how to use the Page Properties macro.
  2. In Reporting, match the appropriate pages you need for the report in the Query section on the left. For this example, we're matching all pages with the label "project_status".

    More flexible queries

    This example query matches pages with a particular label. However, Reporting is not reliant on page labels like the Page Properties Report macro, so you can use any other valid query which matches the pages. This also means you do not need to specifically add labels to pages for Reporting to reference them.
  3.  In the Report Builder section, add a Page Properties block.

  4. Click on the newly-created block and provide a suitable title under Block Name. This will be used as the column title in the report. Under Key, pick the appropriate field from the dropdown. Reporting automatically reads all the fields you have marked with the Page Properties macro and displays them in the dropdown. Click Update to continue.

  5. Add more report blocks as needed, Save your report, Publish the page, and you're done. 

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