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Sorting by date a report showing the latest modification to pages


This recipe generates a report of modified pages and blogposts, and sorts them by the modified date.

You can copy and paste this code into the target Confluence page:

  "cql": "type=page OR type=blogpost order by lastModified asc",
  "expansions": "content.container,content.metadata,content.body,content.body.view,content.body.view.content,,content.ancestors,",
  "tab": 0,
  "filters": [
  "reportInfos": [
      "id": "7a5f55f4-fff6-41bb-87c1-72b579208cc7",
      "type": "basic",
      "title": "Space",
      "value": "",
      "template": "{\"type\":\"doc\",\"version\":1,\"content\":[{\"type\":\"paragraph\",\"content\":[{\"type\":\"text\",\"text\":\"{{ }}\"}]}]}",
      "attr": {
        "value": ""
      "id": "ca39c40b-0d47-47c8-b2a9-4bde924b3aff",
      "type": "basic",
      "title": "Content (Page or Blogpost)",
      "value": "content.title",
      "template": "{\"type\":\"doc\",\"version\":1,\"content\":[{\"type\":\"paragraph\",\"content\":[{\"type\":\"text\",\"text\":\"{{ content.title }}\"}]}]}"
      "id": "64fc9174-3ca3-4930-807e-e91c177679bf",
      "type": "basic",
      "title": "Last Modified",
      "value": "friendlyLastModified",
      "template": "{\"type\":\"doc\",\"version\":1,\"content\":[{\"type\":\"paragraph\",\"content\":[{\"type\":\"text\",\"text\":\"{{ friendlyLastModified }}\"}]}]}",
      "attr": {
        "value": "friendlyLastModified"




Reporting for Confluence Cloud



Estimated time

5 minutes


This recipe is now part of Reporting's built-in templates. You can easily load it into your page by using the templates feature.

By default, the report is limited to 200 results. Enable Get all results below the search box if you need to view more results.


  • The recipe above only shows pages and blogposts (as types of content).

  • The recipe can be tweaked to show other types of content. Be aware that the result set can be large if you have a lot of content in your instance.

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