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Report Builder

When you insert or edit a Reporting macro, the Report Builder section can be seen on the right. This serves as the frame structure (container) for your report, and you can pick and add Report Blocks as needed. The choice of report blocks depends on the data format and how you want to present a specific value.

In the Report Builder section, you can also configure the type of report you want to generate, set the default text for an empty report, and see a preview of the report.

Adding Report Blocks

Report Blocks are used for selecting values and adding static text which will be shown later in the report format of your choice.

For example, if you want to view the report as a table, each Report Block would generate one column of results for the table.

To add one or more Report Blocks, click on the dropdown, select the type of Report Block, then click Add.

Refer to this page for additional details about the different types of Report Blocks and usage examples.

Choosing a report type

Reporting can generate four different types of reports. You can select a suitable one under Report Type:

  • Table - This is the default option and the most commonly used type of report. Many of the recipes for Confluence Cloud will generate table reports.
  • List - An alternative to tables, list reports display data in bulleted rows.

  • Paragraph - Paragraph reports display data in rows without bullets.

  • Grid - Grid reports group data in three columns.

Filling in the text for empty reports

Your queries may sometimes generate no results. You can add some error handling by filling out the Empty Report section. This text is shown if the report has no results.

For example, you could enter something like "No matching pages were found. Please try again later." If left empty, the default text, "No Results" will be shown instead.

Dynamic preview

Report Builder includes a dynamic preview of the report you are building. You may need to scroll down to the bottom to view it.

The preview automatically refreshes if you change Report Blocks, report type, query, expansions, or filters.

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