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Report Blocks

Reports Blocks are added within the Report Builder. They are used for selecting values and adding static text which will be shown later in the report format of your choice. For example, if you want to view the report as a table, each Report Block would generate one column of results for the table.

Currently, Reporting offers the following types of report blocks:

  • Basic Report BlockThis is a simple way to add a new value to your report. The report block type allows you to choose a name (shown as the column header in table view) and renders the value as-is from the JSON response.
  • Collections Block:  Used for reporting on data types that can have more than one value, for example, contributors to a page, or all the labels on a page.

  • Text Report Block: This is a more sophisticated report block that has the more advanced features below:
    • Allows you to add multiple values into a single block
    • Provides a complete text editor that allows text decorations, mixing static text and dynamic values.
  • Image Report BlockThis report block allows you to add images to your report or dashboard and helps you set the image width in pixels as additional input.
  • Link Report Block: This type of block, allows you to render the keys as Hyperlinks. Similar to any other link function, you can customize the address and text to display.
  • Regex Block: This block allows users to search and filter content based on a regular expression. Users can choose presets such as All links, Outgoing links, and Emails.
    • Users have the option to input their own custom regular expression.

      To search or filter content within a page, users can ticket the "body → atlas_doc_format" expansion and choose the "content.body.atlas_doc_format.value" when creating the block for the most accurate results.

  • Page Properties Block: Used along with Confluence's Page Properties macro, this works similarly to the Page Properties Report macro. For more details, refer to this page.
  • Scaffolding Report Block (Beta Feature): This block allows you to add Scaffolding data to your report. Currently, this feature is in Beta, and the results may not be as expected. For more details refer to this page - Support for Scaffolding fields.
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