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Making a data list based on specific part of the page titles


Reporting Cloud is able to return specific text you need from a collection of data (lists, sets and arrays).

In this example, we are building a report that extracts IT personnel's name from every page title under the same parent page. This is useful if you're compiling a list of names from many children pages into a single page.

This recipe has now been modified into template: “Pages which contain ‘project’ in their titles”




Reporting for Confluence Cloud



Estimated time

5 minutes


This recipe is now part of Reporting's built-in templates. You can easily load it into your page by using the templates feature.

By default, the report is limited to 200 results. Enable Get all results below the search box if you need to view more results.


  • Hyperlinking is not yet implemented - may be implemented in future.

  • Cannot currently get a link to the User/Personnel within the Reporting Macro.

  • User may be looked up externally or elsewhere in Confluence, if needed.

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