Reporting Cloud is able to filter all pages which contain a specific macro.

This can be done by using a CQL query, and it can be useful for auditing, reviewing or maintenance purposes.

For this example, we are building a report that searches for all pages which contain Scaffolding data and renders the page titles and links to these pages. The end result will look like the table below.

Searching for Scaffolding data essentially means searching for the Field Group macro, so the CQL query should be:


This can be replaced with the name of any other macro.

You can find out this info by inspecting a page’s source code and looking for either the title or extensionkey of the macro you want to report on. For example, a Scaffolding Field Group macro would look something like this:

This recipe has now been modified into template: “All pages which uses a scaffolding field group macro”




Reporting for Confluence CloudScaffolding for Confluence Cloud



Estimated time

5 minutes


This recipe is now part of Reporting's built-in templates. You can easily load it into your page by using the templates feature.

By default, the report is limited to 200 results. Enable Get all results below the search box if you need to view more results.


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