We have a short release lifecycle of up to once or twice a week to quickly improve our products and deliver them promptly.

Note that due to the way Atlassian Connect apps are designed, we don't necessarily release a new Marketplace version for every release. This means multiple app versions may correspond to a single Marketplace version.


  • Feature: New notification for large pages
  • Improvements: Minor improvements


  • Bugfix: Custom URLs are now supported
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where articles were updated using the wrong mapping.


  • New: SF Export Status List - A new list of all pages in a Space, and their export to Salesforce Status: (Exported/Not Exported/Unlinked)
  • Improvements: UI enhancements


  • New: We've added an option to re-publish a Confluence document after the SF article was deleted.
  • Bugfix: Fix issue that prevents users to publish pages with multiple "include page" macros.
  • Bugfix: Fix issue that was causing page links to open old versions in Salesforce.


  • New: We've added an option to hide the "view in Confluence link"
  • New: We've added automatic published/unpublished labels.
  • New: We've added support for link images using 'Include Page' macro.
  • Bugfix: Fix issue that was preventing users to unlink documents.


  • Bugfix: Security fixes.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issues that prevented the user to re-publish documents that were previously deleted on Salesforce.


  • Bugfix: Fixed error when trying re-publish an article.


  • Bugfix: Fixed some issues that were not allowing customers to publish and update articles

  • New: We’ve added a default configuration that will make the publication process much easier.


  • Improvements: Improve end-user error message when the configuration is not set properly.

  • New: Added a generic error page.


  • Improvements: Security enhancements.


  • Bugfix: Fixed error when reconnecting a production developer instance.

  • Improvements: Security enhancements.

  • New: We've improved the UI on the configuration page.

  • New: We've hidden the article links for deleted SF connections.


  • New: Connect to either Salesforce Production or Sandbox environment.
  • Improvements: You can now delete an existing connection. Existing links between page and knowledge articles will be hidden but resurfaced when the connection to the same Salesforce instance is re-created.


  • Improvements: Permission and mapping settings are now on one page. Changes are now auto saved.
  • Improvements: Improved error message when publishing images of file size more than 1MB.


  • Improvement: Members of site-admins and administrators groups now have permission to use the publisher, by default.
  • Bugfix: Fixed error in publishing pages with multiple large images (of supported file size less than 1MB).


  • Bugfix: Fixed error in configuration pages when Knowledge module is disabled in Salesforce.


  • New: This app is now out of Beta! Thank you to Beta users for the feedback in shaping up this product.


  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that prevents automatic updates to Salesforce.


  • New: Select article categories when publishing a page to Salesforce.
  • Improvement: Article Type Name is now correctly labeled as Article Record Type.
  • Improvement: Publishing large images is now more reliable.