This page will guide you on how to publish a Confluence page as a knowledge article in Salesforce. 

By publishing, you can easily make a copy of your Confluence knowledge base articles and send it to Salesforce. Users, partners, and customers in Salesforce can then view the information within Salesforce, without having to access Confluence.


Known limitations

  • There are supported and non-supported content and formatting types. See Supported Confluence content.
  • Articles deleted in Salesforce are not automatically unlinked in Confluence.

Publishing a new article

  1. On a Confluence page, click on 
    (More actions), then click on Publish to Salesforce.
    If the menu item is not available, check the prerequisites above.
  2. In the pop-up, select the mapping you want. It will choose the default mapping you have configured.
  3. Select relevant article categories that you want to set for this article in Salesforce.
    (warning) Note that you may select from up to four levels of categories in the hierarchy.

  4. Click Publish to publish the content.
  5. At this point, a knowledge article has been created in Salesforce. It can be either in a draft or published status, depending on the mapping setting that your administrator has set.
  6. The page is now linked to a Salesforce knowledge article. To see a link to the Salesforce article, refresh the web page.
  7. A link to Salesforce publish status will appear below the page title. Click on it to view the status.

  8. Click on the View in Salesforce link to be redirected to the knowledge article in Salesforce. You may need to log in to Salesforce.