1. Go to any Confluence space of your choice.
  2. Click Bulk Publish to SF on the right sidebar. 
  3. You can sort and search for the pages you want using the Sort by and Filter list search bar.
  4. Tick the pages that you want to bulk publish to Salesforce. 
  5. Click Publish to SF and a modal dialog will appear.
  6. Fill in the following information:
    1. Choose mapping - Select the mapping of your choice, this mapping is defined on the Manage Apps page. For more information, read Configuring mappings.
    2. Choose display type - Choose between Draft or Public. 
    3. Choose categories - Choose the article categories that should be set for this page in Salesforce.
      Note that you may select from up to four levels of categories in the hierarchy.
  7. Click Publish to SF after filling up the information above. The Status of the page will change from "Not published" to "Published".
  8. You will receive an email once the pages are completely published.