This guide will show you how to migrate your data in Learndot Pathways Lite to Learndot Pathways Pro.

This procedure should be performed only after Learndot Pathways Pro has been installed and before Learndot Pathways Lite is uninstalled.


  • Both Pro and Lite editions of Learndot Pathways are installed and enabled.

  • A valid license for Learndot Pathways Pro is installed.


  1. Go to the (gear icon)> Add-ons.

  2. In the sidebar, under Learndot Pathways Pro in the sidebar, click on Migrator.

  3. Take time to read about the Migrator.
    When you're ready, click Migrate.

  4. A confirmation dialog box will appear.
    Click Yes.

  5. If the migration is successful, you will see a confirmation message.
    You can now proceed to disable Learndot Pathways Lite.

Further Notes

  • The link for the Migrator will only appear when both Lite and Pro editions are installed. Ensure Pro has a valid license installed.

  • During migration, pathways will not be available to users. Performing the migration during off-peak hours is highly recommended.

  • Data in Lite will be kept even after uninstalling Lite, but in the unlikely situation where an admin installs Pro and then uninstalls Lite without migrating the data first, and then at a later stage they install Lite to perform the migration, any data entered in Pro will be lost as it will be replaced by the data from Lite.

  • Migration from Pro to Lite is unsupported.