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Step 2 - Post-migration

Go through what happens to the Page Approval macros post-migration and understand how the approval status from the macro is converted in the cloud environment.

The migrated space with Page Approval macro will automatically enable the Page Approval for Confluence Cloud app on your space in the cloud site.


Migrated Page Approval macro behavior in cloud

Macro nameFunctionalityDetails
Page ApprovalRead-only

  • The macro is read-only, it cannot be edited in the Cloud environment. 
  • The approver's and acknowledgers' username is carried over from server.
  • Click Details to view all the field values. 


  • If a page is approved on server, the status panel in cloud will also be "Approved".
  • Clicking the Approved status panel brings up a window that tells the user that the page's approval state is migrated from server. 
  • Clicking Start New will change the status panel to Request approval

Not Approved

  • If a page is not approved on server, the status panel in cloud will be "Request approval".
  • Similarly, If a page is not fully approved, such that only one user has approved the page out of two users, the status panel in cloud will be "Request approval".

Page Approval ReportNot supported

Page Acknowledgement ReportNot supported
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