Some parameters that can be configured as part of the Page Approval macro can be configured globally in Confluence Administration.

Global settings

  1. Go to the Cog Icon > General configuration.

  2. On the General Configuration screen, look in the sidebar and look for Page Approval Configuration.
  3. Click on Page Approval Properties:

  4. The following screen will appear to allow you to control the parameters globally:

Configuring global level Page Approval settings

Additional Page Approval Fields

Configure the default appearance of the macro:

  • Show role field
  • Show comment field
  • Show acknowledgment

Page Approval Notifications

Configure how users are notified about approval events:

  • Notified users
  • Notified actions
  • Notify on approval events
  • Notify on acknowledgment events

Other Page Approval Settings

Configure the default behavior of Page Approval:

  • Fix the list of users when the Users or Acknowledgers parameters are used
  • Unapprove pages when a new user is registered to them (this may happen due to a group membership change, etc.)