When a user tries to approve/reject/acknowledge the approval request, they will receive an error message, "You do not have sufficient permission to edit this page. Please contact your space administrator."


  • Confluence Cloud

Diagnostics Steps

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Users are not able to approve pages if they do not have permission to modify a particular page or if they do not have permission to edit pages within a space.


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You will need space administrator access to resolve this issue for your users. 

  1. Go to Space Settings > click General under Space Permissions.

  2. Under the Licensed Users section, check if the user is added as part of Groups or Individual Users

  3. Ensure that the user has the "Add" permission for Pages. In this example, users that are a part of the "confluence-users-site" do not have the "Add" permission.

  4. Click Edit Permissions to make the changes.

  5. Then, scroll down and click Save All to publish the changes. The user's ability to edit the Page Approval status panel will be restored.