Use a predefined approval template to populate the approver and acknowledger fields automatically. Approval templates enhance the efficiency of the approval request submission.


  • An admin of the Confluence Cloud instance has to have defined the approval templates within the Page Approval application specific to the space. If there are no approval templates to choose from, request your admin to create a relevant template based on Creating and deleting approval templates.


  1. Go to any page in your space. Click on Page Approval below the page's title.

  2. A new window will pop up displaying the list of approval templates. You will have two options here: 
    1. Select one of the approval templates to proceed with predefined approvers and acknowledgers. 
    2. Select Skip if you do not want to use the existing approval template and instead define your own acknowledgers and approvers. Refer to the Setting up a request for approval documentation. 

  3. The template will populate the fields in the Select approvers and Select acknowledgers step. Click Next until you reach the Set due date and priority step.
  4. Set the Due Date and Priority for the approval. Then, click Send request to submit the approval request.
  5. The status will change from Request approval to In review. A notification will be sent to the approvers that an approval request is pending their approval.