The request approval process is an organization's procedure to approve invoices, documents, and more. This page will help you understand the Page Approval for Confluence Cloud approval process workflow. 

Triggering the approval process

Clicking on the Request approval the button triggers the start of the approval process workflow. This is where you fill in the approvers, acknowledgers, approver type, and other relevant details. Clicking on the submit button sends the request and notifies the involved approvers and/or acknowledgers to perform their part in the approval process. 

Approval decision making

Depending on your perspective, you will see two different approval workflow statuses:

  • In review - The approval is now in the review of the approvers that have been chosen. Depending on the approval types, there are two possible scenarios where you would see the "In review" status:
       a.) You are the user who made the approval request, you are now waiting for the selected approvers to make their decision. 
       b.) In a workflow with multiple approvers, you are one of the approvers that have approved or rejected the request, you are now waiting for the other approvers involved to make their decision. 
  • Pending approval (This status can only be viewed by the approver in the App Dashboard) - You have the task of approving or rejecting the request. Depending on the approval type selected, there are two possible scenarios:
       a.) You are the only user who approves or rejects the request.
       b.) Multiple users have to approve the request. 

Completing the approval process 

Based on the decision made by the approvers, the request can reach the Approved status, meaning all or majority of the approvers are in approval of the request. Alternatively, the request can also reach the Rejected status, meaning one or the majority of the approvers disagree with the approval request. This is the final status of the approval request process. 

Resetting the approval process

 Once the approval access workflow has been triggered, you have the ability to reset the entire process at any point of the approval process back to Request approval.