Approval summary

The approval quorum request requires a minimum number of approvers in the list to approve the request. This means even if some approvers reject the request, as long as the minimum number of approval is still met, the page approval status will change to Approved.

If most approvers reject the approval request and the minimum number of approvers cannot be met, the approval status will change to Rejected.

Approval type

Approval quorum


You would like to request the board members' approval for your company's quarterly financial budget. There are a total of 3 members and you need 2 of them to approve the page. 

  1. Go to any page in your space. Click on Page Approval below the page's title.

  2. Choose Approval quorum in the window.
  3. In the Approvers field, add 3 users as approvers and set the Number of approvals needed to 2. Then, click Next.

  4. In the consequent fields, add the following details, then click Send Request. 
    1. Acknowledgers - Choose a person to be an acknowledger or leave it empty, this field is optional.
    2. Due Date - Set the deadline for the approval to be given. 
    3. Priority - Set the priority level for approval. 
  5. After the request is sent, the status will change from Page approval to In review.
  6. Click In review > View Approval Request, to view the current state of the approval request. 

Approval outcome

In this scenario, the minimum approval required is 2 out of 3 approvers.

Approver 1

Approver 2

Approver 3


Request approved (tick)Request approved (tick)Request rejected (error)Approved
Request approved (tick)Request rejected (error)No actionIn review
Request rejected (error)Request rejected (error)No actionRejected