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Setting up an approval chain

Approval summary

The chain approval request requires all the approvers that have been listed to approve the page, only then the page approval status will change to Approved. The approval goes through an ordered chain, the approvers will have to take turns to approve or reject the approval request.

At any order, even if one approver rejects the request, the entire approval request will be Rejected.

Approval type

Approval chain


You need to request approval for the financial auditing done for the quarter. Your team consists of a financier and a manager. You need the financier's approval first, followed by the approval of the manager to finalize the approval. 

  1. Go to any page in your space. Click on Page Approval below the page's title.

  2. Select Approval chain in the window. 
  3. Add the approver in order into the Approvers field. In this example, the first approver added is the financier and the second approver added is the manager. Then, click Next.

  4. In the consequent fields, add the following details, then click Send Request. 
    1. Acknowledgers - Choose a user to be an acknowledger or leave it empty, this field is optional.
    2. Due Date - Set the deadline for the approval to be given. 
    3. Priority - Set the priority level for approval. 
  5. The status will change from Page approval to In review after the request is sent.
  6. Click In review > View Request Approval to view the current state of the approval request. 

Approval outcome

Approver 1

Approver 2


Request approved (tick)Request approved (tick)Approved
Request rejected (error)Unable to make actionRejected
Request approved (tick)Request rejected (error)Rejected

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