• You can only set up a request for approval on a space that has page approval enabled.

Step 1 - Selecting approvers

  1. Go to any page in your space. Click on Page Approval below the page's title.

  2. Click Create Approval Request in the pop-up window.
  3. Choose the approval type. For this example, we choose Standard approval as the approval type. 

    If you see the Select approval template interface for Step 1, refer to Using approval templates for more information. 

  4. Click "Find a person.." for a dropdown of eligible approvers.  Choose the approvers, then click Next to continue.

Step 2 - Selecting acknowledgers

  1. Choose the acknowledgers, then click Next.

Step 3 - Setting due date and priority

  1. Set the Due Date and Priority for the approval. Then, click Send request to submit the approval request.

  2. The status changes from Page approval to In review. A notification will be sent to the approvers that an approval request is pending their approval. 
  3. Click In review > View Approval Request, to view the current state of the approval request. 

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