Page Approval For Confluence Cloud allows content creators and contributors to create an approval process that allows a set of reviewers to review and provide their approval/rejection of the content.


As your organization grows, there is a need to have more collaborative reviews and approval of Confluence documents. For example, you may have a content creator workflow where each new page needs to be reviewed and approved by the team leader or by other departments. Without an app like Page Approval, you might be using one or more inefficient methods to collaborate, such as:

  • Manual tracking of pages through spreadsheets

  • Clunky email threads

  • Phone calls to other departments or team members


Page Approval For Confluence Cloud allows you to build proper approval and review workflows on your Confluence instance. The app streamlines requests for approval requests, automatically issues notifications, and updates approval statuses. It also supports advanced features such as page approval dashboards, quorum approval, page acknowledgments, and approval expiry.


  • Maintain confidence in your content. 

  • Ensure editorial guidelines are met by minimizing lost time waiting for approvals. 

  • Keep teams aligned on the status of the page. 

  • Easy-to-use tool allows for quick adoption.

Key features

  • Content creators and contributors can submit approvals. 

  • An all-new non-macro experience. 

  • Approval expiry keeps content up-to-date by setting an approval expiration on a specific date.

  • Has three different types of approval processes. 

    • Standard

      • All approvers in the list need to approve the page, so the page receives the approved badge.

    • Quorum

      • Content creators can define a minimum number of approvers in the list needed to approve the page, so the page receives the approved badge.

    • Chain

      • All approvers in the list need to approve the page. But the approval goes through an ordered chain, so if any of the approvers rejects the page at any stage, the page will not be submitted for the subsequent approval step.

  • Ability to customize the list of approvers.

  • Set priority and due date to ensure the approval process is prioritized.

  • Page acknowledgment allows users who are not approving content to be kept in the loop. 

  • Approval dashboard that allows approvers and contributors to get a list of all pages in the approval cycle and prioritize their work accordingly.

  • In-app and email notifications for approvers and content creators/contributors.

Use cases:

  • Knowledge base

  • Policies and procedures

  • Document management

  • Project management

  • Workflows that need verification and approval status

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