Approval templates help the team fast-track the approval request process. Instead of manually adding the approvers and acknowledgers, create an approval template with a preset list of approvers and acknowledgers.

Creating Page Approval templates

  1. Click Spaces > View all spaces and choose the space to create a Page Approval template in.
  2. In the sidebar to the left, under the Apps section, click Page Approval
  3. Click Page Approval Templates > select the Create Template button.


    • Only an administrator can create Page Approval templates.
    • If the Page Approval app disabled in the Settings page, you will not be able to create any templates.

  4. Fill in the Template Name and Template description fields so that your content creators can understand the purpose of the template. Click Next to continue.

  5. Choose the Approval type and then enter the list of approvers in the Approvers field. After that, click on the Next button.

    To understand the difference between each approval type, go through the Setting up a request for approval documentation. 

  6. Add the acknowledgers into the Acknowledgers field and click the Submit button to complete the template creation. 

  7. On the Templates page, view the newly created template.

Deleting Page Approval templates

  1. On the Templates tab, select Actions > Delete from the dropdown.  

  2. Select Delete to confirm the deletion of the template.

    Once the template is deleted, it cannot be recovered anymore.