After installing Page Approval for Confluence Cloud, complete this simple onboarding for you to have access to the application's setting in all the spaces. 


  1. In the sidebar to the left of your space, under the Apps section, click Page Approval.
  2. Click Start to go through the short introduction of the Page Approval app.

  3. Click Next until you reach the final step, then click Finish to complete the onboarding. You now have access to the Page Approval settings.

  4. You will be able to view the Page Approval cards in the settings page. To know what card is available to what type of user, check out our FAQ.

  5. Click Settings, the Page Approval app is enabled by default for the space. This applies to other spaces and newly created spaces will have the Page Approval app enabled by default too.

    Only an administrator can enable and disable the Page Approval app.

  6. Go to any pages within your space. The Request Approval button will appear on the top right of the page.