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New NLP Migration Hub


An administrator's journey when migrating apps from server to cloud includes determining which apps provide an easy transition to cloud and only later work on the more advanced apps. A quick overview of all our apps supported at migration is highlighted below. 


Migration guide

Connector for Salesforce & Jira

Migration for Connector for Salesforce & Jira is ready for all data that is supported by Jira Cloud Migration Assistant. Review usage of custom fields at your environment and whether these are supported by JCMA.

Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira

Migration for Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira is only possible as a Servicerocket on-demand service. There are limitations with attachments and other differences with features like comments and Jira associations. Review Salesforce & JIRA Server Connector Versus Cloud Connector Comparison for more complete information.


Migration guide

Composition Tabs for Confluence

Migration for Composition Tabs for Confluence Server & Data Center macros is possible. Showcase macros works out of the box. Deck of Cards & Card can be migrated after performing the mandatory pre-migration steps. Data of macros unavailable in cloud, will be retained but appear as blank space at originally positioned documents

Redirection for Confluence Server

Migration for the Redirect macro of Redirection for Confluence Server is possible. Look out for the attachment location parameters, which will differ from server. The Alias macro is not yet supported.

Security and Encryption for Confluence Cloud

Migration for Security and Encryption for Confluence Cloud is only possible manually, we have suggested a manual method to bring data over to cloud. Macro names differs between server and cloud, it is now Secret in Cloud.

Visibility for Confluence

Migration for Visibility for Confluence is readily available for both its macros Hide If  and Show If. However, there are some limitations with parameter support. 

Scaffolding for Confluence Cloud

Migration path for Scaffolding for Confluence Cloud is available. In cloud, Field macros are called after adding a Field Group macro on a page. Naming conventions of the macros have been changed to suite the new cloud macro behavior.  Parameters support varies and are more limited in cloud.

Apps that do not have a migration path


Connector for Salesforce & Confluence Cloud

There is no direct migration path for this app. We share steps to manually bring over the configuration to cloud. Only Salesforce account, contact and entity data can be displayed in cloud.

Reporting for Confluence Cloud

We're rebuilding the app for Cloud with better experience and functionality. Sign up through survey if you wish to participate in Beta releases. Migration is not possible at this moment.

Page Approval for Confluence Cloud

Migration path for Page Approval Server has not been planned

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