In this page:

This page outlines the steps to migrate your Connector for Salesforce & Jira (Server/ Data Center) to Cloud.


Before you start, consider the following:


At the end of this guide, you will have:

  • Completed a review of pre-requisites.
  • Completed at least one round of navigating to "Migration Hub" then clicking "Get Started" at least once.
  • Run the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

Step 1 - Plan out your migration (CFSJ)

General overview:

  • You have completed all necessary pre-requisites.
  • You have set aside a maintenance window for your server instance as best practice.
  • Understand and set aside a specific timeline to conclude all your steps based on the steps you have run.

Step 2 - Prepare your Jira Server migration data (CFSJ)

General overview:

Step 3 - Import data and settings into the Jira Cloud site (CFSJ)

General overview:

  • You will start the core migration steps by navigating to the "Migration Hub" then starting the Connector migration.
  • You will do a test of a new project issue connection to Salesforce and also try to create a new issue on any existing project.

Next Steps: 

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