This page outlines the steps to migrate your Page Approval data from Confluence Server or Data Center to Confluence Cloud. 


Before you start, read and understand the following information:

  • Understand the macro differences and feature differences between the Page Approval for Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud.

  • Be aware of the following limitations, and take the suggested actions if needed:

    • (warning)Page Approval Report and Page Acknowledgement Report are unsupported macros. The macro will be migrated but will not be available in Confluence Cloud. 

    • (warning) Page Approval macro can be migrated, it will be a read-only macro in Confluence Cloud. 

    • The page approval status can be migrated successfully to the new Page Approval Cloud experience:

      • If the page in Server is not approved, the page status shown post-migration is "Request Approval". 

      • If the page in Server is approved, the page status shown post-migration is "Approved". The user needs to manually start a new approval request by clicking on the page's status panel. 

  • Perform a test migration to understand the steps required to migrate data and reconfigure the migrated data.

  • This guide assumes you have successfully migrated your Confluence Server data into Confluence Cloud, per Atlassian's Server to Cloud migration guide.


At the end of this guide, you will have: 

Depending on how large your Confluence data is, these may take a few hours to complete.  

Step 1 - Proceeding with Cloud migration

Follow through with the steps in Step 1 - Proceeding with Cloud migration


  • (Optional) prepare a set of test data and a staging instance to perform a pre-migration environment test before production migration. 

  • Upgraded Page Approval for Confluence Server to version 5.1.14 or above.  

  • Find and identify the spaces that are using the Page Approval macros. 

  • Perform the migration using the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant(CCMA) tool. 

  • Schedule the migration window.

Step 2 - Post-migration

Go through the migrated Page Approval macro behavior in Step 2 - Post-migration


  • Have your Confluence cloud instance ready. 

  • Identify the supported and unsupported Page Approval macros in a cloud environment.  

  • Understand how the approval status from the macro is displayed as status panels. 

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