While functionality is the same, Prefix and Postfix parameters accept different values in server and cloud.
You may need to re-write the values for these parameters after migrating to Cloud. 


  1. In Cloud, go to the page that contains migrated Add page / Add page via form macros

  2. Edit the page, and edit the macro. This will open up a macro editor

  3. Check the following table for values that are unsupported in Cloud, and see if you have any in the macro editor. Replace them with its cloud counterpart according to the table

Parameter name

Server value


Cloud value


Prefix / Postfix

%child-counter:next > number:000%

Child Counter Supplier injection


To assign incremental IDs e.g. $id(000,1)

%global:current date>date:MMM d, yyyy%

Creating Pages with the Current Date in the Page Title


To output the current time and date e.g. $date(YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm a). Supported date-formats available here at Add Page.


Current space key injection


Use the targeted page's Confluence space key


Current space name injection


Use the targeted page's Confluence space