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Incoming Links

Notes about migration

Notes for migration are provided at server documentation here. More details at our FAQ page. 

Generates a list of links of pages which link into this page (incoming).



Default Value



  • (X)

All Spaces

The spaces from which linked pages are retrieved. Select spaces from the dropdown or type the space name.

Bullet Style

  • (X)


 The style of the bullet points:

  • icons - Displays the standard Confluence page-type icons.

  • none - No bullets displayed.

  • disc - Displays the standard bullet icon.

Display Excerpt

  • (X)


If enabled (true), displays the page excerpt next to the link.


  • (X)

  • Include pages with these labels - "All labels"

  • Exclude pages with these labels - "None of these labels"

The page label filter allows you to include and exclude labels in the respective fields "Include pages with these labels" and "Exclude pages with these labels".


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