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Migrating ServiceNow data to JSM

Completing the migration

  1. After migration is complete, you'll see the "Migration completed" message and migration details.

    JSMQ Migration complete 20240509 JPG.jpg

  2. A new project is created in your JSM instance with migrated ServiceNow data.

Review your newly created JSM project and verify the migrated data is accurate and correct.

Contacting us for complex ServiceNow to JSM migration

Migrate a subset of your data to create a "proof of concept" before trying a more complex migration.

Contact our team of experts if you need assistance creating new workflows and constructing a more complex proof of concept tailored to your use case.

Locate the Contact Us button on the app page's right-side panel.


Fill out the contact form and send it to us. Our team will be in touch shortly!

Find out more about ServiceRocket’s JSM migration services.

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