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Mapping data from ServiceNow to JSM

The Mapping data page will show you the files found and that the data has been successfully read.

  1. On the page, click Map data to confirm the mapping action.

    JSM1 Data read 20240423.png

  2. The data will be shown in the Mapping results, which have the following three sections:

    JSMQ Map fields 20240422.png

    1. ServiceNow: This column shows all available fields from ServiceNow. Data in this column cannot be edited.

    2. JSM ITSM project: This column shows the list of JSM issue types that you can select from.

    3. Type: Click on the double arrow symbols to expand the section. In this section, you can select whether the field is a custom field or default field.
      (info) If you select “Custom field”, type the name of the field into the text box. Custom fields will be created as text fields and all data for that entry will be migrated into the new custom field.
      ⚠️ Duplicate field names cannot be migrated. So, ensure that fields have a unique name.

  3. Map the ServiceNow fields to the respective JSM fields. Alternatively, you can click on the single arrow symbol and select from the available fields.

    JSMQ Select fields 20240422.png

    ⚠️ Data can only be migrated if ServiceNow issue types are mapped to a JSM equivalent.

  4. Click Migrate once you are satisfied with the mapping.

Your data is now going through the migration process!

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