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Connecting to the ServiceNow instance

  1. Go to Apps > Manage apps. In the left sidebar, click JSM Quickstart for ServiceNow.

  2. Click Connect to ServiceNow, you will see a form to fill in. Filling in this form will create a connection between JSM and ServiceNow.

    Migrator Connect 20240415.jpg
  1. Enter your “username”, “password” and “instance name” from the ServiceNow instance.
    (info) You must have one of the following roles assigned in ServiceNow: admin, web_service_admin, or rest_api_explorer.

  2. Click Connect to verify and authenticate the connection. If successful, the connection status will show CONNECTED

  3. Click Project settings to scan through the ServiceNow incidents/problems/service request data that you want to migrate.

    20240415 Migrator connect.jpg
  4. Alternatively, click Revoke connection to connect to a different ServiceNow instance.

You are ready to map your data!

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