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Key concepts

Instruqt for Salesforce is a one-way integration from the Instruqt platform to the Salesforce CRM software solution. Use Instruqt for Salesforce, to leverage Instruqt metrics to facilitate the conversion of leads into opportunities.


Organizations with a sales team that use Instruqt as the primary interactive content delivery to create interest and leads, don’t have an easy solution to track, score, and qualify the Leads generated from Instruqt’s content on their Salesforce.


The Instruqt Salesforce Connector allows Instruqt’s customers to easily create leads, qualify them, and track them once turned into opportunities as well as keep track of account and opportunity development and the impact of Instruqt’s content on nurturing those.

The Connector enables sales teams to focus on viable (qualified) leads based on the engagement data and insights provided by Instruqt’s platform – empowering the team to successfully close sales using insights generated on Instruqt’s platform.

Key features

  • Enable the syncing of lead data from Instruqt to Salesforce.

  • Enable the sales team to leverage intuitive dashboards to facilitate the lead conversion process.

  • Ability to customize how insights are calculated to enable better decision-making.

  • Generate Salesforce native reports on Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities for BI purposes.

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