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Step 3 - Post-migration Steps (Composition)

Follow post-migration steps on this page for final checks in Cloud, and optional conversion to the new Tabs macro


  • You have completed all previous steps.
  • You have administrator access to Confluence Cloud

Guide: Final Checks

Your migrated macros should appear in the Cloud along with your migrated pages. These macros can be immediately used.

  1. In your Confluence instance, go to a space that was migrated to Cloud. Find the pages that contain Composition tab macros.
  2. Ensure that the tabs work as they would in server.

Review the new Tabs macro 

It might be helpful to direct your users to more information about the new tabbed content feature in Cloud for a better user experience. Take a look at the Tabs macro reference page.

(Optional) Switch your tabbed content to the new Tabs macro experience

You can opt to switch your Tabbed content macros from Tab & Group of Tab that uses Legacy Editor, to Tabs macro that uses the New editor. Please find more information about this below:

Questions? Problems?

Contact us at Also, review  Getting help migrating Composition Tabs for Confluence Server.

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