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Step 2 - Proceed with Cloud migration (Composition)

The steps on this page guide you to perform Confluence migration using Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA):


  • You have reviewed everything on the previous page, Step 1 - Plan Out Your Migration (Composition)
  • You understand that there are Composition macros that cannot be migrated yet
  • You understand that Deck and Card macros have to be transformed into Tab and Tab Group .

Prework: Prepare your Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud instances

  1. Schedule a maintenance window for Confluence Server.
  2. Prepare a Confluence Cloud instance.

    Tips on getting a Test Confluence Cloud site...
    • If you haven’t already, now’s the time to sign up for a cloud site. You'll need to decide if you want to perform your test to a trial site or to your production site. 
    • If you decide to use a trial site you can:
    • If you plan to test your migration to a new production site you can choose between a Free, Standard or Premium plan. 
  3. Install Composition Tabs for Confluence Cloud on your Confluence Cloud instance. Feel free to use the 30-day trial of the app.


Your content is now ready for migration with the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA). Follow the instructions that come with the migration tool to bring all your Confluence data to the Cloud.

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