On pages using the Wiki Markup macro, some Deck of Cards or Card macros do not get converted to Tabs macros during the pre-migration step.


  • Confluence Server

Diagnostics Steps

  1. Run the pre-migration step described in the migration hub.

  2. Note that although the migration has been completed, the premigration step still shows that there are Card macros to convert:

3. If re-running this step still does not help, review the macro usage; take a look at the Deck of Cards or Card macros that did not update.  

4. Confirm that the macros that did not change are within a Wiki Markup macro.


The Wiki Markup macro was introduced when Confluence upgraded from using wiki markup to using XHTML in the editor.

To properly display pages without changing the structure, legacy pages that still used wiki markup were wrapped around the Wiki Markup macro. 

Since the Wiki Markup macro contains wiki markup content, the pre-migration step will see the Deck of Cards or Card macros but not further action will be taken.  Therefore, these macros remain unchanged even when running the pre-migration tool multiple times.  


Not applicable.


To rectify this issue, the page must be converted from wiki markup to XHTML.

However, the conversion must be done manually. Alternatively, you may need to discuss with the Atlassian team if this can be done using this documentation.