The pre-migration tool seems to be taking a long time to complete. How can I get a more detailed status update?


  • Confluence Server

Diagnostics Steps

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If your server has a lot of content with Deck and Card macros (more then 2,000 pages), the rename process can take some time to complete. You can get a more detailed status update by doing a "tail" of the Confluence log file, atlassian-cofluence.log. More details below.


  1. Navigate to Logging and Profiling admin page.

  2. Add a new entry net.customware.confluence.plugin.composition.admin with level 




  3. Start tailing your Confluence log.

  4. Navigate to Composition Cloud Pre-migration Tool admin page.

  5. Ensure the pre-migration tool is logging correctly by verifying that you can see <your name> visited pre-migration page. If you cannot see this in your log, verify step 1-3 again.

  6. Click Run update.

  7. The update tasks will run and you should see the name of the pages being migrated in the log.

  8. Once the update tasks are all done, you will see update tasks done for x number of contents.


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