Default tab is one of the main attributes of Deck of Cards macro. It displays the first card to be shown when the page is loaded. But, when Default parameter is used with multiple Deck of Cards macros, this Default attribute does not select the desired tab.

Default tab does not work when dealing with multiple Deck of Cards macros. 


  • Confluence or JIRA version

  • Add-on version

Diagnostics Steps

  1. Default parameter is checked to set one of the created cards as the default shown tab. 

  2. More than one Deck of Cards macro carries the same ID.


The issue occurs due to ID parameter duplication. Each Deck of Cards macro has an ID parameter which is a mandatory field. ID parameter is used to distinguish each Card macro. Thus, the issue occurs when the user has multiple Deck of Cards macros without unique IDs which will result in an unexpected behavior.


Not applicable.


To solve this issue, simply make each Deck of Cards macro ID unique from other Deck of Cards.