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Allows for the creation of tabbed content when used with the Deck of Cards macro.

An example of tabbed content:

This macro is only available on the Server version. For the Cloud version, use the newer Tabs macro instead. If you would like to migrate your existing Card and Deck of Cards macros to Cloud, a migration tool and instructions are available here:




Migratable to Cloud?

Default Value


Card Label

  • (/)

  • NO


The label for the deck.


  • (X)

  • NO


The unique card ID. This is used to generate the tab history ID.

Hover Text

  • (X)

  • NO


Text to display when hovering over the tab.


  • (X)

  • NO


If true, this card will be the default one shown when the page is first viewed.

CSS Class

  • (X)

  • NO


The custom CSS class for the Card.

CSS Style

  • (X)

  • NO


Custom CSS style values.

Next After

  • (X)

  • NO


  • The number of seconds the Card will stay visible before moving to the next one.

  • The default of 0 prevents automatic transitions.

Effect Type

  • (X)

  • NO


  • The effect to use when moving to this Card. 

  • Selection includes:

    • default

    • fade

    • slide

    • horizontal

Effect Duration

  • (X)

  • NO


  • The number of seconds the transition will take to complete, e.g.: 1.5 or 10.

Access Key

  • (X)

  • NO


  • The key that is hot linked to the specified card.

  • Only works in some browsers. Note that some characters may not work in some browsers due to conflicts with existing keyboard shortcuts:

Browser: Firefox 2
Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + Shift + <character>

Browser: Safari 3
Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + <character>

Browser: Safari 4
Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + Cmd + <character>

Browser: Chrome
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + <character>

Browser: Internet Explorer 6 and 7
Keyboard Shortcut: N/A

Tutorial Examples

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