I have multiple Showcase macros using the same image URL. I want to change the image without changing the image URL. Effectively, all the showcase macros' images are changed together. How do I achieve this. 


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Diagnostics Steps

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There is no direct way to change the attachment from within the macro, only the image URL can be changed. A workaround is available below.


  1. In the page with the attachments, click on the More Actions button and click on Attachments

  2. Click on the View link, an image viewer pop-up will open in the same page. 

  3. Click on the Upload to a new version button and insert the image that you want to replace with. 

  4. Once the image has been uploaded, click on Done.

    You can only upload a file of the same type. For example, a .jpg file can only be replaced with a .jpg file. 

  5. Return back to the page with the Showcase macro, the image in the Showcase macro will be changed. 


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