The Showcase macro puts your page items under a spotlight with paper-like cards. You can use it to create categories, pin-ups, menus and highlights.







  1. Enter a Showcase macro in the page.

  2. When the Insert Showcase Macro window appears, fill in any relevant details in the following fields:

    1. Showcase style - The type of showcase macro that you want to create.

      1. Featured image - Enter the image URL or browse your local computer for an image.

      2. Emoji icon - Select an emoji from the interface.

      3. Simple - The showcase macro shows only text.

    2. Title - The title of the showcase macro. This is required.

    3. Description - The description text that will appear on your Showcase.

    4. Showcase card link - The page that will load when a user clicks the button of the Showcase.

    5. Button Text - The text that will appear on the button of the Showcase.

    6. Badge - Choose to include a string of text as a status badge that will be displayed on the top right corner of the Showcase. You may also choose from one of 6 colors for the badge.

  3. Preview the changes and images you have added to the showcase in the right section of the macro editor.

  4. Click Save and publish the page. 


Not applicable.