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Tracking students' access to online resources

Attendance Taker for Classroom can do more than track meetings attendance. It can also track students' access to different types of online resources such as websites, articles, and videos. You can track access to just about any online resource, as long as it has an online link.


  1. Open your Google Calendar.

  2. Click on Attendance Taker on the sidebar on the right.

  3. Click on Share Resources.

  4. Paste the link for the online resource in the Resource URL field. The link must have a valid URL that starts with either "http://..." or "https://..."

  5. Enter a title and a description to explain the type of resource you are sharing. Example: "This PDF is required reading for Mrs. Brown's History class."

  6. Set the accessible date range for the resource. Attendance taker for Classroom will show this resource as an "all-day meeting" across the dates you pick on your classroom calendar. 

  7. You can also customize access to specific students in your classroom. By default, all students in the class are selected.

  8. Send out the invite to the students by clicking the Share button at the footer.

  9. Now, you can track the students' access to online resources just like meetings. Once they sign in to join the calendar event, the students will be redirected to the resource's original link.


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