Now that you have installed Attendance Taker for Classroom, it's time to test it. Let's do that by following a few simple steps.

These steps are for testing purposes only, it is not mandatory.

  1. Go to Google Classroom, click on  +Create Class, and a pop-up will appear.

  2. In the pop-up window, type in the Class Name as this is required and fill in the other columns if necessary. Click on Create
  3. In the newly created class, select People from the top navigation bar. 
  4. In the People tab, you can add other teachers apart from yourself and students to join your class.
    In this example, we will invite a student to join the class. Click on the Invite students logo. 

  5. In the pop-up window, click on the available list of students to add them(a blue tick will appear to indicate that they've been added) or manually type in the name/email of the student. Next, click Invite

  6. Once the invite has been sent, the student will receive an email to join the class. The student will have to click on the Join button.

    If the student does not join the class, you will be unable to schedule a meeting in Step 8. A meeting cannot be scheduled if a classroom has no students. 

  7. Go to your Google Calendar and click on the Attendance Taker add-on in the sidebar. 
  8. Click on Schedule Meeting, a pop-up will prompt. 
  9. Enter the Date, Time, and Title for the meeting.
  10. By default, the Google Meet option will be chosen for the Video Conference section. Click Schedule to send out your meeting invite. You will receive a calendar invite for the meeting.

  11. Your students can join the meeting via Google Calendar. Click on the Join Class button in the meeting invitation.

  12. Students will need to verify their account by signing in with their Google Classroom account. A message will indicate that the student's attendance has been marked. 

  13. Assuming the meeting is over, click on the Attendance Taker add-on and click on the Attendance Report button.
  14. Select a date range that includes the meeting you have created and click on the Generate button. A report will be generated in Google Sheets to view the attendance of the students. 

  15. Well done! You've completed the testing successfully. You can check out our User Guide for more information.