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Release notes

VersionRelease DateDetails

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue for some users who might have faced an error when creating a meeting due to an unhandled error when creating a Google Meet link. 

New feature released:

  • Now you can update and delete upcoming events (both meetings and shared resources).
    • Added UI to list all events scheduled by each classroom. You can view these events in "Manage Events".
    • Clicking on any created event in the calendar while the addon is open will also show you the event details directly.
  • Added a user feedback survey in the event creation confirmation view card.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Bug fixes and improvements in the new resource-sharing feature.
  • Improve checking if the user had google classrooms.

New Feature Released:

  • You can now share resources with your students through a calendar invite.
    • The resource sharing can be accessible for a whole day or multiple days.
    • You can create a report to view the list of students who accessed the shared resource. 

Bug fix

  • The detailed reports should now show the details of the event start time and end time using the correct user timezone. 

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improve report generation reliability for over 3 events in one report using report jobs.
  • Prevent creating events without any students.
  • Fix reports errors that occurred if the student was removed from the Google classroom.

Bug fix

  • The report was not capturing meetings with zero attendance. 

Bug fix

  • Some users were unable to generate reports for more than 3 events.

Bug fixes

  • Some users were not able to generate attendance reports with the new reporting feature.

New Features and Minor bug fixes

  • We have updated your attendance report format and structure.
    • A new and better-formatted report.
    • More details on the classroom and events are included in the event.
    • Now your report will include a summary sheet as well as a detailed sheet for each event.
    • You also have the option to generate the reports in the previous raw format.
  • Ability to view the list of the last 5 reports generated, and follow the progress of the report job requests for reports that might take longer than a minute.
  • In-App guide tutorial view.

Bug fix

  • Creating a future event after a daylight saving change occurs now properly reflects the correct start time set by the teacher.
1.0.5+672020/10/21Add a couple of useful tips in the report creation card, and the event confirmation card.

Bug fix

  • Students can sign up for attendance even with a browser that has multiple Google accounts signed in.

Bug fix

  • Fixed: You can't invite more than 30 students within a classroom. This will not happen again and all students in the classroom will receive your meeting invite.
1.0.2+592020/09/10Some Google Classroom courses can have more than 1 teacher assigned. Previously, events created through the addon would only allow access to the event owner (the teacher who created the event) and the invited students. Now, the events join URL created through the addon will allow event access to all the teachers assigned to that course.

New Feature

  • Sharing through a unique URL
1.0.0+552020/09/04Add-on published
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