This guide shows you how to make changes to existing meetings that have been scheduled. 


  1. Open your Google Calendar.

  2. Select  Attendance Taker  from the sidebar on the right.

  3. Select Manage Events.

  4. Choose the Class from the list that you want to manage.

  5. You can perform the following two actions with the meetings:

    1. Click on Update to change the meeting settings.
      i. You are allowed change all the listed settings.
      ii. Update the meeting by clicking the Update  button at the footer.
      iii. You will see the following confirmation screen and you will receive a new meeting invitation.

    2. Click on Delete to cancel a meeting.
      i. Click on Confirm Delete in the confirmation screen.
      ii. The meeting is now cancelled.

(tick) Tip: For faster event selection, you can open Attendance Taker, and select the event you would like to update / delete in the Google Calendar. 


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