Moderate can notify moderators when specific words or phrases are added to Workplace posts or comments. This notification can be configured through a rule setup.


  1. Add a notification user. From ADMINISTRATION menu, choose NOTIFICATION USERS.
    Add an administrator email address and click on ADD NEW NOTIFICATION USER.

  2. Create a key phrase to monitor. From MONITORING SETUP menu, choose KEY PHRASES.
    Add a key phrase (e.g. "This is a test") and click on ADD KEY PHRASE.

  3. Create a division. From MONITORING SETUP menu, choose DIVISIONS.
    Insert a division name (e.g. "NCC Division") and click on ADD NEW DIVISION.

  4. Create a rule. From MONITORING SETUP menu, choose RULES.
    Give the rule a name (e.g. "NCC Rule") and click on ADD NEW RULE.

  5. Configure the rule you've just created. Click EDIT.

    1. Specify Key Phrases rom step 2.
    2. Specify Division from step 3.
    3. For Actions, select Chat and Post.
    4. For Recipients, select a Workplace group to be notified (you should be a member of this group) and then select the user created in step 1.
    5. For Actions, select Chat and Post.

      Click on Save.

  6. Configure the division you've created in step 3. From MONITORING SETUP menu, choose DIVISIONS.
    Next to the division name, click on EDIT.

    For WORKPLACE GROUPS, select the groups to monitor.
    Click on Save.

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